Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Rest in Afternoon Sun with Nash

No words to express the sentiment,
How to express the amazing journey we have traveled, and still traversing? 

For a few moments we stopped moving,
Remained still,  

Afternoon sun warmed our bones,  
Heat felt soothing after previous night, which left a hard frost,
 We thought of nothing else.
Except perhaps lunch. 

We hold close.


Love my boy.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Autumn Swim for Nash

 Just one more swim...

 Last swim among autumn leaves in our pond
Clear and still
She is there for us, ripples with life and memories  

Summer has come and gone
There is a passage of time in the air
Before the chill of winter seeps in
  We steal as many moments before the call

 His life
Come and gone within a life
 Carry on 
One last swim


Fallen leaves float like sail boats
Drift in a thoughtful wind, not to strong, not to cold
Time is measured 


Once weigh heavy
The decision, not to make any decisions
a way of peaceful calm opens
 we enter, drift through our final days
Here on this pond of obsidian
decorated with the passage of time, of our time
 This is our time 

We carry on 
Hearts open
I await your sign

Thursday, August 24, 2017


   This special moment with Nash happened on the first day of full sunshine on our trip in Maine. It was easier for him to lay in the grass, so we lay with him. 





 Pearl joined us, then eventually the rest of the girls, and we all were rocked to sleep in the solitude of this quiet time.

     The ocean crystal clear, and calm, while echos of voices from fisherman, and their radios bounced of Sheep Island. Sea birds, from eagles, gulls, herons, cormorants, and crows lazily flew in the gentle breeze, which whispered through the pines above our heads. Our back drop, the Cottage, with all our memories carefully it cradles.

youtube video

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Pearl in Maine 8/11 - 8/19 2017

  Annual Maine trip with the dogs - collar free zone.

    Pearl ran point on this trip, she called the shots on what we did when; time to walk, time to eat, time to play, time to sleep. Life is simple.

watch youtube video:
Pearl - 7 Days in Maine 2017


  She was also most in tune to her old sweet heart - Nash.  Often I placed him in grass on landing behind cottage. She would simply lay nearby, and simply be present.  Her concern evident when he got restless, as very, very, very old dogs do. not only did she console Nash, but me as well. She would sit close, seek petting, play, make lots of eye contact.


Pearl in her element, daily walks to the point, endless entertainment in the giant tide pool for her,
and the view.


 She enjoys staring out to see, and toward the horizon.  What does she see?  What is she thinking?

   I love this girl. She gets it, how the universe works, who she is, and what she needs to do. 
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