Saturday, September 24, 2016

Maine 2016 - Film photos


 Halo - grace

 Here they come...

 Pearl enjoys the sun...


 Grace - Halo

 Don't fall off Grace.

 Wild times.

Grace - Halo;  and the serious one is?

 Go Pearl!  While Nash enjoys the porch.

 Pearl, captain of the battleship rock!

 Land Ho!  Halo with captain Pearl

Willow Sunshine

 Setting sun and Pearl

 Willow Sunshine - she keeps getting more and more pretty. Nash int he back ground.

Sunrise in Sunrise county...

Friday, September 23, 2016

A winter walk - worth the re post

 Here is another classic Caccha's labradors video -  Bring on the snow -

The puppy is Luna


Willow Part II A New Beginning

While searching for a video of mine,  I came across this one.  

It deserves a re-post I think.

 Willow Sunshine 3  weeks old

 Willow 15 1/2 years old 

 Willow n Nash


 Willow with her puppies - Nash is in there.

Oh, so, familiar eyes. 

Sunday, August 21, 2016

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Hot, Humid, Sticky Summer Day

I have a two or one rule, most times that is.  I take either two dogs or one when i go out.  This means many trips to the lake, or trails.  I admit, there are times, when I say to heck with it and take all four girls and run a private trail.  Prime motivation for two or one rule, is chaos control, and avoid bad habits - not coming when called, jumping  people -  I also only have two hands.  


To day was one of those days.  Too hot to move.  Air conditioner on all day for humidity control, and cool comfort.  Our first outing began with Nash and Willow Sunshine to Norway Pond.  I like Norway Pond.  Today it was clear and clean, except for little slimy beads of cyanobacteria.  not much, and I didn't know what it was until after my second trip with Halo.

after errands with Pearl, it was home to pick up Halo and a walk around Norway pond,  no gunk on the back side.  Then  back home and a late night swim at Nuby, around 8 PM with Willow Sunshine and Grace.   

Somewhere in the day we had lunch, cat nap and watched part of a DVD.  What else to do on this kind of day  than go to the water, and hang out in the AC. 


 A health note.  Nash appears to have developed a swollen cheek.  A call to the vet, waiting to hear back.  I believe its a sore tooth.  Poor boy.  By the way,  Nash had the most enjoyable swim in Norway. the water was warm, and calm.  I think I will take him there more often, once the bacteria is gone.


Tomorrow is expected to be another hot one,  I think we will try Willow Pond.  

Monday, August 8, 2016

Shine for an eterity Willow August 9th

"Looking out on a windy sky,
watching sea birds as they fly on a summer day,
now the sun is here to stay, the winter seems so far away in the summer time." Chris De Burgh

A day of remembrance - Willow 8/9/2011
Willow - 15 yrs - 2011
Pearl, Nash, Willow - 2011
Willow with her litter 2000 - Nash is in there somewhere.

What makes it so different this year, perhaps days fall exact on the date it all went down.   Moments are taken to listen, reflect.

Willow - 1996 - 9 weeks old

         The  five years to follow turned out to be our most fertile.   It's as if Willow dispersed into many souls, from one to many.  Just like seeds in a milkweed pod. when blown  upon little feathered seeds rise, and float away.  It seems the last five years have been filled with the joys of breeding, and puppies whose little souls rose on feathered wings and floated away. With each litter, Willow present.  I suppose that is why Grace and Halo are important, they represent a culmination in a way.  A Culmination of a journey which began many years before, many decades, many lifetimes.

Willow - 2011

     Willow and I gave each other so much, and did so much together. I miss her little body. I will never forget, She shines bright in this new dawn. I believe she gave me the greatest gift of all - her son, Nash.  Who, now at sixteen, I care for in a similar manner as I once did Willow.  His eyes still glow with a richness of admiration, and life.  He is my Night, he is my hero, he is my love.  He has helped make the past five years possible. 
      Of course it can not go unsaid how the tremendous contribution my beautiful Pearl has furnished our lives with all this love. She set in motion the events to follow, and served as the connection, the portal, through which all this life came forth.

    Nash standing in the middle, first time outside, 5 weeks old. Above, Nash, minutes old.

   Now is the time, with my pack of five.  Time for ourselves, Time to settle in and enjoy each day, each moment, every breath. I never knew where Willow would lead as I followed.  I don't know where, or what journey, this pack will lead.  I will gladly follow.

Nash and Pearl

Halo - 2015 - Are you my puppy?

Willow Sunshine 5 months old 2012

Willow Sunshine, 4 years old, with her littler - Grace and Halo are in there - 2015

Grace - 5 weeks old - Are you MY puppy?

Beautiful Pearl

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Enjoying the Lake for his Birthday

 A little sunbathing before getting wet.

 You're kidding, right?

 The sun feels so good, and the wind, and the damp lake air.

 At this age, every little thing has significance, and importance, from the bell, collar, tags, and life jacket. 

 Eternally grateful to have this day. Paws in the sand.

     The Swim.  I take him out into the lake a few yards, we swim side by side, and then head back to shore. Before getting out of the water, I hold him, so his toes can touch the ground. He relaxes.  Imagine, the weight off his joints must feel good.  We rest together, cradled, in the clean warm lake. 
My Amazing Best Friend.

 It was a long swim, the sun feels good, take a nap my boy. 

It was a good day.