Thursday, July 21, 2016

Enjoying the Lake for his Birthday

 A little sunbathing before getting wet.

 You're kidding, right?

 The sun feels so good, and the wind, and the damp lake air.

 At this age, every little thing has significance, and importance, from the bell, collar, tags, and life jacket. 

 Eternally grateful to have this day. Paws in the sand.

     The Swim.  I take him out into the lake a few yards, we swim side by side, and then head back to shore. Before getting out of the water, I hold him, so his toes can touch the ground. He relaxes.  Imagine, the weight off his joints must feel good.  We rest together, cradled, in the clean warm lake. 
My Amazing Best Friend.

 It was a long swim, the sun feels good, take a nap my boy. 

It was a good day. 

Sweet 16 - Happy Birthday Nash

     What a special gift from Willow, leave it up to her.  

  That sparkle is still in his eye, 
the one that says I am with you forever.

      We have no big plans for this day,  simply let is coast by, as he seems to do with all his days lately.  A few family photos, perhaps a beef bone, a swim at Nuby, sniff the passing wind.  It's a perfect Hancock day - quiet, calm, gently breeze, mild summer temperature.

 left to right:  Willow Sunshine, Halo, Nash, Grace, Pearl 
(when they figured out I wanted a family portrait, they simply lined up!)

 Grace and Nash -  Look, they both are sticking their tongues out!  Perfect. 

 Halo, you silly girl. You're always carrying around a treasure of some kind.   
Offering Nash a toy, He doesn't look too entertained. 

Willow Sunshine - "Can I celebrate my birthday, too?"

Happy Birthday to my Amazing Special Boy


Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Something Very Speicial happens tomorrow

Pssst - Just a hint - It happened 16 years ago tomorrow!

 Shhhh - He's Sleeping (Pregnant Willow July 20, 2000)
What I didn't know then, I know now. 

Thursday, July 14, 2016

From the Past

Going through old photos. I have to reprint several that are on my frig. Here is Willow (15 1/2) n Nash (11) at Hunts Pond. Once Nash was born in 2000, the two were always together. Nash had never been separated from his mother. When she passed he immediately vomited, got diarrhea, avoid the bed where she died, the area on the porch where her body lay the next day, and within a month developed a cancerous growth on his eye. We are forever grateful for joyous Pearl, who quickly came into heat, distracted him from his/our sadness, and eventually brought Willow Sunshine to us. Coincidence?
 Willow n Nash at Hunts Pond 2011

 Willow at Willard Pond August 2011

 Pearl, Nash and Willow 2011

 Nash grooms Willow 4/2011


 My Love

Thank you my joyous party girl Pearl. 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

You Gonna Eat That?

It is near impossible to eat an ice cream cone around my dogs.

We can eat that!

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

My dogs bark

My dogs bark, and I let them.

They are here for such a short while, and have something to say.

I decipher  their inflections to say: It's a bear, moose, porcupine, squirrel, deer, fox, stranger, wind in the trees, the sent of a predictor is near, danger, danger. Perhaps they say I am here, this is my home,  I hear you.  Quit often, I believe, they simply enjoy to commune with nature.

The girls, Grace and Halo, have found their voice.  Both are deep and robust like ther mother, grandfather, and great grand mother.  There is a cadence, a sense of community when all four girls bark at once. I listen, and they know. We are connected. Connected to a world beyond porch screens. Connect to  ancestors 's spirits carried in the wind.  We all have something to share. Listen.

Friday, June 10, 2016

Grace and Halo 61/2 Months weigh in

Grace and Halo were weighed today.
6 1/2 months old 

Grace: 49.5 pounds 
Halo 48.5 pounds

     I took these photos of the two in a field of daisies (daisies remind me of Willow, they always bloom around her birthday on May 30th.  I like that my yard is covered with them).  Grace was a little distracted by the daisies, she kept eating them.  

Halo (left - Grace (right)