Friday, December 2, 2016

Happy 5th Birthday Willow Sunshine

Five years ago today Nash x Pearl started new generation.

and Willow Sunshine came beaming through with her 8 siblings.  A precious gift.

 Willow Sunshine next to the wall facing camera - 4 -5 weeks old

 December 2, 2016 Grace, Willow Sunshine, Cleo, Halo, Pearl

 Willow Sunshine with her sister Cleo on their 5th birthday

 Grace, Willow Sunshine, Pearl

 Grace dressed up for the photo, silly Grace

 Nash - 16 years old, Willow Sunshine's sire.

 Family photo from this summer

 Willow Sunshine 5 months old

 Willow Sunshine (1 year) with Nash - In Maine,  one of my favorites

 Nash - another favorite - 2014 I think

Willow Sunshine - 1 or 2 years old -  Love my little girl.

Happy Birthday to all her siblings out there. 

Sunday, November 27, 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Willow Sunshine Puppies

     It began on a November night, not much different than tonight.  After a speedy trip down I95 from Maine, in the nick of time, we swept into house, and ran up to a pool especially prepared for little souls soon to arrive.  One by one they came, healthy and cleaned, all suckling and swimming with new born bellies to fill of colostrum and milk.  A new momma in Sunshine, and the night progressed. In the wee morning hours we all could finally rest.  Seven in all, yet to be claimed and named.  Who is who no one knew.  One by one they grew, and grew. Soon they were named, and sadly left to a home forever where they fit best.  A new journey began one year ago for six families in all, as two remained at home, and each were loved by all. 

Happy 1st birthday






Special Moments followed
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Saturday, November 26, 2016

Thanksgiving in Maine 2016 and Grace and Halo turn ONE year old!

After a rocky start to the trip, once we landed at our destination, all was great!

We stayed at the Narrows, and the dogs thoroughly enjoyed their freedom.  Dinner in town at my brother's with family, walks to the cottage and point.  The shoreline is simply beautiful this time of year.

Happy 1st Birthday 
Grace and Halo

It's been full circle.  Ma and I made it home in the nick of time last year for Willow Sunshine to deliver her seven wonderful beauties.  Grace (Caccha's Willow in the Nick of Time) was the first to arrive,  and Halo (Caccha's Willow Walk in the Light) was in the middle of the bunch.


Both have grown into simply amazing beings.

Luna and Grace

LUNA was there, too! Talk about a beautiful dog.  She is simply the best, what a wonderful temperament, and disposition. Truly a special girl.   She turns 3 years in December.

Nash - what can I say.  This is his third trip to the Narrows this year.  He managed the drive just fine, and seemed to revel in the bustle of company.  Lots of walking to and from the Gallery everyday,  he did it.  I notice he's always much stronger when we return from our trips to Maine.

What a special - amazing boy.

Even the Dogs enjoyed a special treat for Thanksgiving - beef bones for all/\

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Sunday, November 13, 2016

It's Luna with Grace and Halo!

Auntie Luna with her Nieces Grace and Halo.

Luna is Nash and Pearl last puppy together, she is the singleton who has turned out absolutely magnificent in all ways.

 Luna - 12/31/2013
Nash X Pearl

 Grace, Halo, Luna



 Pearl - Willow Sunshine



Oh, My look at her healing!

YouTube Video
 Luna With Grace and Halo