Sunday, February 18, 2018


Extraordinary February




      Winter osculates, spring seeps in, clouds shower again with wonderful snow.
 Wind blows and powder from trees creates a blizzard all over again.
 If only I could capture, and hold it all the palm of my hand.


The Girls ecstatic with joy, the wonder of snow. Could it be any more prettier.




While others experience snow for the first time.
 I forgot sheep don't exactly go for "walks". They like snack along the way.

Even boulders and tree roots embrace this season.

For eternity

Friday, January 5, 2018

Nor' easter - Bomb Cyclone - Blizzard - It's All Beautiful Snow to Me and The Girls

My feet stayed warm until an hour before leaving when snow was two and half, maybe three feet deep. I had forgotten my gaiters, so snow in my boots.  Hands stayed dry and warm until an hour before leaving, when I had to water everyone.

Fully equipped with new winter barn jacket from Hancock free exchange, umbrella, back pack of extra gear for the day. Brought snack and tea for a brief "lunch". My girls all set up at home. A long day for them. 

Arrived a little late, and started to feed the farm (LOTS of animals -dogs, goats, pigs, mini horses, big horses, zebus (small cows),  and chickens). Snow was coming down hard, wind blowing, snow drifting, feeders filling up faster than I could fill them.  Lots of lugging of water buckets - through the snow, winds, blizzard - heaters were breaking.

Then the animal shifting began.

Assisted with the move inside of 8 donkey's, two zebu yearling bulls (zebu is a small cow, look like cows in India), and rescued two oberhaslie goats (Ruth and I had to air lift them up over the gate, it was frozen shut). One was weak, and needed to be carried.  In between mucked five stalls that hadn't been done in a week - so a lot of heavy shit. Been having trouble with the manure trailer, and lack of other muckers, so it's just me and sometimes one other person. Liz (farm owner) was a mucking beast today. Animals shifted to other barn, so stalls emptied, and mucked for next occupant.  To dump muck a full wheel barrel is hauled up a ramp - covered in snow - in blistering wind, and drifting snow.  Oh, forgot the part where barn doors kept getting stuck and not closing, so snow was piling up inside. An exhausting fight with huge sliding barn doors, which got stickier and heavier as day progressed. "Mareee"  I would here Ruth call. 

Animal relocation event over, Liz and Frank, went back into their house. Ruth and I still had to feed.  In four feet of snow, we trudged on dragging our feet as though walking against a current of deep rushing water. The rushing water being wind.  Wind picked up, white out conditions, snow still coming down, it was 2:30 PM when we started feeding, finished and headed for home by 4 PM.  Where I was greeting by jubilant happy girls. Took them for a short walk, showered, started fire, fed girls, got dinner, DONE!

Oh - forgot the part where I walked early this morning the two miles (down hill in a snow storm - it was just starting) to get into work. Got a ride home 8 hours later.  Roads weren't plowed, winds gusting a gail, so visibility poor. We made it, and Ruth made it home safe.  

The Day After 
Snowy walk with The Girls. 


 All is right.

What's the difference between
Nor'easter, Bomb Cyclone, Blizzard

Monday, December 25, 2017

Christmas Today and Christmas Past

Christmas 2017

      The day began with snow, and lots of it.  Off to the barn for chores, barn yard critters need to eat. Home for Dog Time, a wintry woods walk, chores again, and dinner with a good friend.  The day went by too quickly, it always seems that way.  Surrounded by my dogs, and wonderful companions: Pearl, Willow Sunshine, Grace and Halo.  Willow n Nash in my heart.

you tube:

Christmas Eve 2003 

      Tucked away in the cottage with Willow and Nash, there is snow on the ground, and the rain has been falling all day.  I have been busy making dog biscuits and will go down to Nancy with Nyssa’s tomorrow for dinner around 1:30 PM.  It has been a strange day of wet, fog, mild temps, and very unlike Christmas.  Some time spent  in the rain to prevent water runoff entering cellar.  Successful to some degree, but water is still rising in basement.  My only saving grace will be for the rain to stop. I have my Willow and Nash, my faithful companions. Who watched intently while I baked biscuits and anticipated attention.  Now they lay quietly as I write. 
     We did not go for a long walk or a cross-country ski as wished, rain and darkness prevailed, hopefully tomorrow. This year I am working Christmas.  This of course is a good thing, but my heart misses time with my dogs.  I am gone all day.
      If I did not know any better I would think that spring were on its way.  The mild temperature and wet foggy weather leads to the belief spring is just around the corner.  This of course is not so as cold weather, and snow will eventually make an appearance. I am spoiled by last year’s winter of all powder snow, and no rain.  It was an absolutely perfect winter last year.  The powder snow was great for skiing, time with my dog, bird watching, new car and the feeling of utter contentment. 
One year older, one year gone by and a new to begin, so, the time streams by.
      This year Wendy and her family will come up, along with Ned.  I hope all goes well, and weather is perfect.     Hopefully I will have the cottage in order for when they arrive
       Willow and Nash continue to fill my heart with joy. When I look into Willow's eyes I am transported, elevated, to a whole other realm. With Nash, I feel endearing warmth.  He is my Knight of Wands and Willow is the World. She is my world; they are my world as I am theirs.
        The Christmas cards have been sent to friends and puppy owners and some gifts still need to wrapped, all in good time.  Dribbles of rain drops from the cottage rooftop fill my cellar. The wind is balmy and gentle; all is quiet and wet outside, not a very winter like scene.  Wait a minute, is that cold weather on its way, and did you say three feet of snow?  I think Christmas is on its way. 


Saturday, December 16, 2017

Willow n Nash and Me


June 2007
Willow 11 years old
Nash 7 years old

       Thank you for these wonderful photos, Jane Billings. They are are full of great memories of a special time, and place with two brilliant, beautiful, and amazing souls who enriched my life. 



Also, a time when I was cutting my own hair.