Sunday, January 29, 2017

As Long as there are Joys in Life - Carry On My Old Friend, Nash


    Nash has been with me as an old dog for nearly as long has he was young. It's been so long since we have run agility, walked through woods,harassed pedestrians as we drive by in a car, eat poop from hunters during hunting season, and done all those things we take for granted.  I have forgotten until something jogs my memory.  I suppose he has forgotten, too. This is who we are now.We have accepted this new stage of life, this new stage of old. He ages with Grace.

     Everyone has different criteria when it comes to their old dog.  Ruth said it best "As long as there is some joy in Life".  It could be sniffing, eating, peeing, sitting in the sun, or whatever.  Nash still has many joys in life at 16 1/2 years old, and despite his arthritis.  I count his blessings. I Love my boy. Willow's greatest gift.  To think he nearly didn't survive his birth.

Nash's Joys:  
* Sniffing poop and pee
* Of course checking out the girls
 * Heat Cycles - He LOVES the girls then, and they love him too - we won't get weird that they are all  related. Dirty old man.
* Laying outside in the sun, nose to wind.
* Sleeping in front of the fire
* Greeting me when I get home, yes he gets up with everyone, and I see him standing there with the group. 
* Food - Rice, eggs, crackers, oatmeal, treats, cheese, meat, broccoli, kibble only when dressed up with any of the previous mentioned food, and topped with Maple Syrup!  
* Car rides, Parties, and Going places.  
* Guilford
* Maine

you KNOW your dog is old when you start with lists of Joys, and things they still can do and can not do.  

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Friday, January 20, 2017

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Pearl, Bode, Gemma Walk - It's a Family Thing

After a balmy few days, temps have dropped into the 30's.  That's Winter in New England for you.  Karen came by with Gemma and we went for a short walk.  Gemma and Bode are siblings out of Pearl and Link from the 2014 litter.  Here are a few photos.
 Bode and Gemma

 Gemma greets Pearl 


 Gemma, Pearl Bode


 Bode and Gemma enjoy playing the same games - Chase, and keep away

Monday, January 9, 2017

Bode's Back for a vacation


 We have not seen Bode since he went to his home at 10 weeks old (Casper from the Link and Pearl litter 2 1/2 years ago: Chucklebrook Bobolink by Jayhawk x Devonsleigh's Field of Pearls).  He has grown into a wonderful boy. In truth credit for this guy's pedigree really goes to Devonsleigh and Chucklebrook, I simply brought the parents together.  

 Halo, Pearl (rolling in snow), Bode

     His mannerisms are near identical to Pearl from the way he gets sassy when he wants something, his wiggle butt, and how he pins his ears back when delighted to see you, and he rolls in the snow just like his momma. 

 Halo - Bode

     We are thrilled to have him for nine days.  Andrea, Dave, Henry and Phoebe have done a great job raising him. Body  is still a puppy at heart, and romps with his cousins Grace and Halo (Johnny x Willow Sunshine; Ch Sunnydaze Walk the Line x Caccha's Willow Little Miss Sunshine).  Halo has met he match when it comes to the keep away game.  It appears to be Bode's favorite game as well.
    Here are few photos from a walk we did today with Peal, Halo and Bode.

 Pearl - Bode

 Bode - Pearl 

Halo - Bode

Sunday, January 1, 2017

Forever in Your Footsteps I Will Follow - Happy New Year 2017


    Any day which includes a dog walk is a good day. It's an even better day when there are two.  A fabulous day is one with three.    

       So far on this glorious New Year's Day we have had two, with another planned.  Sun begins to set, yet, photos from today's morning meander through snowy wood capture beauty of my friends, and this Earth. 

      Forever, I will walk in your footsteps, there is no better place.   It's a little secret where we venture, best that way.  No human to be found, only sounds of silence. Wind whispers in our ears. Cherish this day says the palliated.  What a beautiful dream.  Rich beyond any riches known with a life full of my friends. 

Willow of Theia says to Amazing Nyne, In Fields of Pearls, Little Miss Sunshine, In the Nick of Time, Walk in the Light...

Heading Home 

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Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Doggie Christmas from a Friend: Nash opens his gifts for his 16th Christmas

            A Huge package arrived at post office today -  Doggie Christmas from a friend.  We celebrated at lunch time.  This is Nash's 16th Celebration.  His enthusiasm not as robust, still the interest there, and he didn't forget what to do apparently.

 Youtube Video 

Willow Sunshine found my package and asked to open it. 
Her cuteness infectious. 

Oh, Pearl 

Grace and Halo got the knack of it.  Here is Halo

 One year old and sixteen years old,  the time between... 
The World is complete, full circle.

Grace and Halo had a grand time

Dog's KNOW how to CELEBRATE!